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Forms For Use With ALSA Shows

Regional Superintendent Guidelines 
Design Performance Classes  *  Youth Judging Forms  *  Judge's Score Cards  
Recap & Results Forms 
Tabulation of Performance Champions
Miniature Llama Classes  *  Fleece ShowsPermission to Show Form

Show Evaluation Form
For the exhibitors to evaluate the show.  Print one and insert in every exhibitor packet you hand out.  
Judge Evaluation Form
For show superintendents and exhibitors to evaluate the judge at the show.  Send to ALSA Office or to Judge's Committee Chair. 

Judge's Score Cards  -  Make copies to have for your judges.

Placing Cards for Llama Halter Classes
Have one for every halter, produce of dam, get of sire class, and every Grand & Reserve Champion.  There are three (3) to a sheet.  Print and cut into thirds.
Judge's Performance Score Sheets 
Print one for every exhibitor for every performance class.
Placing Cards for Llama Performance Classes
Print one for every performance class, driving classes, and adult & youth showmanship classes.
Placing Card for Alpaca Performance Classes
Print one for every alpaca performance class and alpaca showmanship
Placing Card for Alpaca Halter Classes
Print one for every alpaca halter class.
Recap & Results Forms
ALSA Llama Show Recap Form & Fees
Alpaca Show Recap Form & Fees
Show Results Form to Send Results to ALSA
Fleece Show Results Form 
Miniature Llama Class Results Form
Form for
Tabulation of All Performance Champions
Performance Score Sheet for Figuring All Performance Grand Champions
  To use with Youth Jr., Int., & Sr. Performance Champion and also for Novice,
 Open or Advanced Performance Champions & Reserve; Cart Driving Performance Champions
Print 5 Copies for Each Show.  These do not need to be printed on card stock!

Cart Driving Tabulation for Grand & Reserve
Forms to Design Performance Classes Correctly with Required Obstacles
Summary Chart of Pack Classes 1 of 2 Chart to Design Pack Classes 2 of 2
Summary Chart of PR Classes 1 of 2 Chart to Design PR Classes 2 of 2
Summary Chart of Obstacle Classes 1 of 2 Summary Chart of Obstacle Classes 2 of 2
Forms for Youth Judging Classes
Youth Judging Program

Instructions about holding Youth Judging class and 
how to score with Hormel Scale. 
Calculating Scores with the Hormel Scale
Quick List of Forms & Supplies Needed for Youth Judging Class

Listing of forms needed for having a Youth Judging
 Class at an ALSA Show.

Performance Score Card for Youth
Use this score card for contestants to judge Obstacle Class.
(provide four performance score cards for each youth participant)
 Junior Quiz
There are 5 different quizzes.  Select one to use for your Junior class and make a copy for each junior participant.  Quizzes may be obtained from the ALSA Office and emailed only to Show Superintendents.
Email Office for Jr. Quizzes
Placing Card 
for Halter, Showmanship, & Obstacle Class for Youth Contestants
(provide one full sheet for each youth participant - cut sheet into thirds)
Youth Judging Summary Score Sheet
(form to total all youth judging scores for final placements - print a total of 3, one for each age group.
This form is for the Clerk.)
Official Judge's Placing Card 
Placing card for Judge to use for placing the Halter, Obstacle, & Showmanship Class and including "cuts" for the Hormel Scoring System.  Also has instructions for using the Hormel Scoring System. 
Oral Reasons Score Card for Judge
(make copies and cut into thirds.  Have one form for each Intermediate and Senior youth participant for Judge to use for scoring Oral Reasons for Halter Class.)
The ALSA Youth Judging Manual, explaining and displaying the points of lama judging, 
is available here.  Print off to study for the Youth Judging Class.
Forms for Miniature Llama Classes
Miniature Llama Class Info Miniature Llama Class Results Form
Not needed if using ALSA Show Program
Show Recap Form & Fees
Forms for Fleece Classes

All instructions, forms, cards, tags for ALSA sanctioned fleece classes
 and optional specialty fleece classes are available

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